Before you email us with any further questions, please review our Terms of Service and Policies page.

  1. We offer proofreading for academic essays and college applications; intensive copyediting for business documents, job application (resumes, CV & cover letters); and polishing proofreading for books and manuscripts. For more details, view our types of proofreading/editing document.  

For most documents that only need basic proofreading and editing, MasterWriting242 charges per word, giving you the benefit of knowing up front how much your project will cost. 

Academic essays and student applications are priced at .030 cents per word. Job applications, resumes/CV and cover letters are priced at .035 per word. Business documents are priced at .045 cents per word. Books and manuscripts are priced at .027 cents per word.

For larger document edits like books, prices do vary. Depending on the unique style of your manuscript or project, you may need to contact us via email to receive a custom quote.

Standard delivery time for academic essay, applications, resumes/cover letters and business documents is 48-72 hours. Books and manuscripts up to 200 pages have a standard delivery time of 14 business days. Books or manuscripts 200 pages and above have  a standard delivery time of 21-30 business days. 

The turnaround time for longer projects for businesses or authors may vary. 

Translations for business or legal are priced at .20 cents per word. 

* Twenty-Four (24) hours rush orders are priced at .30 cents per word.

You can make the payment online using your any debit card or credit card.  We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

We have a secured payment gateway screen that requires you to enter a limited amount of information and then immediately processes your payment. None of your payment information is stored.

No. Our editors will not write your essay or create new content for you. We only proofread and edit academic essays. Although we may suggest structural and stylistic changes, clients maintain content control over their work.  It is our practice to encourage persons to honestly and committedly delve into their writing process and we will not do anything to undermine or usurp their potential and ability as a writer.

We recommend that documents adhere to a standard  12-point font and single or double-spaced format. 

Although we accept doc.,docx, pdf, txt., .po and .pot., we highly recommend that you submit all files in Microsoft Word (.doc and .docx) format as we are able to readily utilize the track changes function within this particular type of document.

Accept or reject tracked changes to remove them from your document:

  • To look at each revision, one at a time, on the Review tab, click Next, and then Accept or Reject.

    On the Review tab, Accept, Reject, Previous, and Next Change are showing

    Word keeps or removes the change and then goes to the next one.

  • To accept all the changes at the same time, click the arrow next to Accept, and then click Accept All Changes.

  • To reject all the changes at the same time, click the arrow next to Reject, and then click Reject All Changes.

Important:  Choosing the No Markup view helps you see what the final document will look like, but it only hides tracked changes temporarily. The changes are not deleted, and they’ll appear again the next time someone opens the document. To delete the tracked changes permanently, you’ll need to accept or reject them.

Remove comments

If your document has comments, they won’t be removed when you accept or reject tracked changes. You’ll have to delete them separately.

  1. On the Review tab, in the Comments section, click Next to select a comment.

    On the Review tab, in the Comments section, Next Comment is hightlighted

  2. On the Review tab, click Delete.

    On the Review tab, Delete Comment is highlighted

    To delete all comments at once, click the arrow next to Delete, and then click Delete All Comments in Document.

    On the Review tab, Delete All Comments in Document is highlighted

Yes, we provide samples that can be found by clicking the “Sample” link. 

Our editors do not review reference styles, in-text citations or works cited pages, and we recommend that you exclude work cited pages when submitting your documents. We do have resources regarding reference styles found underneath the “resource” link.

If you uploaded the wrong document, please immediately contact us by email, and we will ensure our editors process the right document.

Please note that our editors begin working on your document almost immediately after receiving an. Therefore, our policy for replacing your document is as follows:

  1. If you contact us within two hours of placing your order, we will replace your document for no extra charge. 
  2. If you contact us after 2 hours has passed, you will not be refunded. However, we can continue to edit your original document.

If you feel that your level of service is not up to standard, we will re-review the work and if necessary, re-edit free of charge.  However, we do not give refunds.