About Us

MasterWriting242 was established to help improve the quality of writing within our Bahamian society. As we constructively lend our support to the various types of writers, we expect that the standards of writing will not only advance, but will also become more realized as well.  

Our company has carefully selected an efficient team of proofreaders, editors, writers, translators, educators and business professionals, who possess a passion to effectively carry out the mission and vision of the business. Through maintaining our commitments, along with adhering to quality standards, we believe that we will make a positive impact in both the industry and the community.


We seek to provide quality writing support services at affordable rates and in timely fashion. With a commitment to excellence, we intend to inspire and affect better writing practices within our Bahamian nation.


We aim to stand out as a premier English proofreading and editing company. We plan to foster growth and development for various kinds of writers, ultimately making writing a more meaningful and engaging process. 

How does it work?

After uploading your document for proofreading and editing, our language professionals will make comments, corrections and suggestions using the Microsoft Word track changes feature. This is a standard feature installed in current versions of Microsoft Word. All notes regarding revisions will be  listed in the right-hand margin of the document. Translations are the only services which will allow for full conversion of a document versus provided feedback through track changes.

What we provide?


Our experienced team members provide excellent services by ensuring that your work is free from all English language errors and has an improved style, clarity, sentence structure, and coherence.


All proofreaders are committed to time guidelines on documents completion for proofing, editing, writing or translation. Our turnaround time can range from 24 hours to 5 business days depending on the size of documents.


Our company guarantees not only the security and confidentiality of all your essays and documents, but we also ensure security of your personal information, including payment information.


Clients will have 24-hour access to the MasterWriting website and submission portal. We also will provide active phone and email updates and support to clients within the listed working hours.


For any inquiries please email us at: