Terrenique Bastian

Terrenique Bastian is a creative, travel enthusiast, and writing coach. She has traveled to New York, Los Angeles, Greece, London, and the Caribbean in an effort to assist creatives in bringing their vision to life. She is passionate about teaching aspiring authors the ins and outs of the book writing world. She has successfully brought her passion back to her hometown and currently holds annual writing retreats in the Bahamas.

Terrenique holds a Bsc. in Tourism and Hospitality from the University of the Bahamas; she furthered her studies at New York University where she received an advanced diploma in Fact Checking, Proofreading, and Copy-editing. 

Terrenique is also a professional ghostwriter; she enjoys taking the thoughts of her client’s and transforming those thoughts into literary products. She takes great delight in penning self-help and non-fiction books memoirs. She is also interested in short stories and has recently discovered a  love for screenwriting. 

Ghostwriting sessions typically comprise of 30 minute meetups twice per month, but this also depends on the length of project. Deadlines vary due to the length of project and the amount of research. Project can take her anywhere from 8-12 weeks, although specialized projects can take more time.